What to do after you VOTE in Jerusalem?

People in Israel don’t get to enjoy a “SUNDAY” experience very often. So when we do …it’s exciting!

Yom Bechirot – Election Day is a day off of school for kids in Israel and for many parents. Keep in mind you won’t be the only ones on the road or heading out to a local attraction. 7.5 million people will be voting and heading out for some fun after. Make reservations wherever it’s possible.

Most of the Jerusalem activities will be open but we’ve prepared a list of some of our favorite Fun In Jerusalem activity options…


Scaventures Experiential Guide Book -Play a scavenger hunt at your own pace when you purchase this amazing interactive book produced by Israel Scaventures. Choose from 5 different games in 5 different neighborhoods and start the fun. We recommend the Har Herzl route. The routes are different than the Israel Scaventure Hunts done in groups with a guide. Race though the neighborhood and find clues and complete missions. Contact Tali to find out where you can purchase the book.

Get to know the Adumim area with Tour Adumim. Shelley will create a custom program for you that can include hiking and beautiful outlooks, mosaic workshops, factory visits, workshops and desert recreation. In the winter the weather is always better in Adumim. adumim@funinjerusalem.com


Exotic Animal Experience & Petting Zoo  Open from 10:00am-6:00pm with guided tours and lots of cool animals to pet. Birds, parrots, peacocks, chinchila, aquarium exhibit & terrariums in decorative cages. Iguanas, large turtles, anaconda snakes, tarantulas and more. Located in Sde Bar – Gush Etzion. No reservations required.

Kif Tzuba – Special offer for parents who come with their kids – one parent comes in free for every kid ticket. Ask at the box office. Open 10:00am-6:00pm on Election Day

Israel Aquarium – open for individuals from 2:00pm-5:00pm on Election Day but tickets must be bought in advance. Aquarium guides will be spread out throughout the exhibits to answer questions. Come and meet the newest Sharks in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo – Come and Vote for the true leaders of Jerusalem from elephants to octopus – a family zoo membership will be raffled off among the voters.

  • New and Unique Exhibits – the rhinoceros, iguana and five-striped palm squirrel exhibits are open to the public.
  • Touching Moments at the Zoo – a spectacular photo exhibit at the Noah’s Ark Visitors’ Center
  • There will be guided animal feedings, elephant training, and other guided encounters with friendly animals throughout the day.

Gush Etzion Winery Tours – Also known as the Yekev – they will be running winery tours and tastings throughout the day. yekev@funinjerusalem.com

Biblical Museum of Natural History – Tours will run throughout the day in Hebrew and in English explaining the connection of animals and tanach. Come and vote for the most amazing creature in the museum! Reservations required. biblicalnaturalhistory@funinjerusalem.com


King David Stables – Family trail rides and pony rides in Yad Mordechai. kdstables@funinjerusalem.com

Jerusalem ATV – 1 & 2 hour tours leaving from the Yearim Hotel just outside Jerusalem. Incredible views of the Jerusalem Hills – lots of family fun. Drivers must have a license. atv@funinjerusalem.com

Jerusalem Ropes Course at Ammunition Hill – Swing on the rope swing, zoom down the omega and climb the rope ladder. Open with advanced reservations. snappling@funinjerusalem.com

Laser Tag or Water Tag in Latrun – there is not better place to hide among the tanks and camouflage yourself than on the special laser tag course at Latrun. lasertag@funinjerusalem.com

The Bloc – Bouldering – Located in town just off Kikar Zion the Bloc is open as usual. The Bloc is offering anyone who brings a selfie of themselves voting 10% off and a free chalk bag. They have new courses set up and its a great activity for active kids. bloc@funinjerusalem.com

Nekudat Motsa Bike Ride – a great opportunity to have a nice family bike ride after the first rain. See ancient ruins and climb through caves (optional). Located in the Ella Valley near Beit Shemesh. Reserve a guide hikebike@funinjerusalem.com

WORKSHOPS – Reserve spaces in advance

Hadara’s Clay Workshop will be open and hoppin! Use your hands to build ceramics pieces with the help of some stencils, lace and tools. Each piece is unique and fired in Hadara’s kiln. Make sure to reserve a spot hadara@funinjerusalem.com

Kakadu Art Workshops – Election day is a great time to come and meet Reut Shachar the artist behind Kakadu and make your own piece of art. There will be workshops at 10:30am and 12:30pm. Starting at 50 NIS per person. Located near Beit Shemesh and next door to Nekudat Motsa Bike Tours. 052-862-5271  kakadu@funinjerusalem.com

Galita Chocolate Workshops – open as usual. Great activity for families with kids of all ages. Mehadrin. galita@funinjerusalem.com

Pat Bamelach Biblical Bread Workshops – Have you tried one of their pretzel workshops? Now is the time. The Pat Bamelach Cafe will also be open in Efrat. pat@funinjerusalem.com

Glass Blowing Workshops with Yael – hands on interactive workshop where you learn the art of glass blowing and glass flaming. Located just behind First Station. glass@funinjerusalem.com

Jclay – come and paint your own pottery. Special Judaic pieces to choose from. Located near the Shuk. Election Day hours 10:30 am-9:30 pm. To make a reservation call 02-678-6828 jclay@funinjerusalem.com

The Workshop Gush Etzion – this is a great family woodworking workshop but they fill up quickly.

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