Kiyor Ceramics Workshops

Create and paint your own unique and functional art out of clay hewn from the Land of Israel.

Kiyor Studio, located just next to Machane Yehuda Market, offers unique ceramic workshops. Bring home a piece of the Holy Land, along with the spiritual sparks embedded within it.

Fun Family Workshops – 2.5 hours

Participants hand-build and paint their own unique functional art, guided by an instructor, such as

  • platters
  • bowls
  • plates
  • hamsas
  • menorahs, and more

Chaya Esther has had kids as young as 2 years old make something you would be proud to put on your table! 

‘BRING ISRAEL HOME’ Creating in Clay Workshop – 2.5 hours

This tailored workshop is perfect for a family trip, a bar or bat mitzvah group activity, a bridal shower, or a ‘Girls Night Out’. It’s a fun, creative and meaningful activity where you’ll create a memory, and something useful and beautiful for your home. Participants hand-build and paint their own unique functional art, guided by an instructor. 

Glazed pieces will be fired and ready in 24-48 hours and there’s free delivery in Jerusalem to your hotel or airbnb for groups of 4 or more. Your finished piece will not only be a meaningful memento of your trip—its presence in your home means that Israel will always be with you, no matter where you live.

Clay Dates – 2 hours

Create a cherished family heirloom to use and to display as functional art in this workshop designed to serve as a ‘date night’ or a romantic evening of creativity and connection for any couple. Enjoy a relaxing, fun evening, and a wonderful memory of creating something beautiful together. 

Choose a project to work on, such as a serving piece, a seder plate, or matching mugs. Your workstation will be set up for you when you arrive, along with music, wine, and refreshments.  After some instruction to get you started on your project, your instructor will be discreetly in the back, available to help whenever needed. 

Paint-Your-Own-Ceramics – take as much time as you need

Paint your original art on one-of-a-kind sculptural Judaica, serving ware and giftware hand-shaped by Canadian-Israeli artist and owner, Chaya Esther Ort. What makes this different from other paint-your-own ceramics places is that each piece of bisqueware is artfully hand shaped in organic lines by Chaya Esther, from the actual clay of Israel’s sacred ground. 

Choose from an exceptional selection of beautifully hand crafted bisqueware, including Judaica or serving ware: 

  • seder plates
  • menorahs
  • mezuzahs
  • kiddush cups and
  • candle sticks
  • mugs
  • bowls
  • platters
  • charcuterie slabs
  • and giftware

Birthday Parties 

Creative birthday parties for people of all ages, custom planned for groups of up to 25.

Kiyor Studio for Ceramics & the Arts
9 Givon, Nachlaot

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