5 Ways To Choose A Summer Camp in Jerusalem?

Blog post updated May 2024

How do you find the right camp for your child? Our summer FUN Camps Guide makes planning your summer easier. Each of the camps is listed with its’ pricing, session dates, description and photos. Look out for the videos because they really give you a feel for the camp excitement.

So how can you decide which camp is right for your child? Whether you are a tourist or a local there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the camp to make this the best summer ever!

Language: There are camps in Jerusalem that are bi-lingual, tri-lingual and specifically English camps. You can choose to put your local child in a camp like All Star Sports, Liga or the Open Studio where many campers and counselors speak English. Tourists have the choice of exposing their kids to a Hebrew only environment or choosing a camp where the counselors and campers speak English.

Type of camp: In Jerusalem you have so many choices for your camp experience. So if your child loves theater they will enjoy performing at the JELLY Drama Camp, ot if they love music they may enjoy band came at Lenagen Bekef .

Whether you are looking for an art camp, a sports camp, a technology camp, drama camp, nature camp, or baking camp there are many to choose from. From our home page in the header menu you can search our FUN Camps Guide using these search criteria.

Transportation: If you are visiting Jerusalem for the summer and you won’t have a car, then you need to keep in mind which camps have transportation provided and which ones are walking distance from the place you are staying. The camps located just outside Jerusalem like the King David Horseback Riding camp offer transportation in a nice air conditioned mini bus. Some of the local camps including the All Star Sports Camp offer transportation from within Jerusalem as well as from communities outside Jerusalem like Modiin and Beit Shemesh.

Learning New Skills: Camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn new skills in a laid back environment. Kids can learn sports techniques at Liga Camp,  learn to build robots at the LearningWorks Hacker camp, discover the secrets of design and entrepreneurship at an Interior Design camp with Sunshine Interiors and experiment with clay at Kiyor Studio’s summer camp.

Camps By Age: Finding a camp for school age kids can be easy but its the camps for toddlers or teens that harder to find. Jerusalem has great options for both. Search our camps by age. For younger kids, the Jerusalem International YMCA summer camp is a great multicultural and multilingual camp that has something for everyone.  And The Open Studio has a wonderful arts camp for 4-11 years olds. Teens can search our camps guide for the TEEN camps and the CIT programs which include Camp Dror or the Teen Baking Academy by Tammy Y, owner of Jerusalem Cake Design.


BONUS TIP – the summer is a great time for your kids to experience a taste of independence in a safe environment. Send them to a sleepaway camp like the OU (Orthodox Union) Camp Dror for boys in Hispin or Camp Dror for girls in Moshav Keshet.

If your son loves basketball then let him spend the summer at Tamir Goodman’s Basketball Camp where he will meet professional basketball players and coaches. You’ll be amazed at how much your kids can learn and the friendships they can create when they are away from home for camp.

There’s also a sleep-away or day camp option at The Central Jerusalem Friendship Circle of Jerusalem runs Camp Klara for teens and young adults with special needs.

So we hope that our guide will make choosing a camp easier for you and that your children enjoy the summer in Jerusalem.

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