Teen Baking Academy: Summer at Jerusalem Cake Design

Teen Baking Academy is brought to you by Tammy Y, owner of Jerusalem Cake Design.

It’s a popular camp for next-generation bakers going into grades 7-11 and is run out of Tammy’s baking studio in Baka.

Students do a variety of baking projects, some are more simple and some more complex. Each week is divided into units and students will learn, taste and play with a lot of different baking techniques and make a variety of different and delicious treats!

Cake Week

This week is for students who have attended JCD workshops before or having baking experience. You will tackle a week-long baking project. This will take you through baking, frosting, cake sculpting and covering a cake with fondant.

Weeks 1- 4 are for students with all levels of experience.

Week 1

Learn to make Breakfast treats & Easy Baking, Dessert Cups & Custards, Cake Day, Creative baking (with color & creativity) and Yeast Doughs.

Week 2

Learn to make Cupcakes, mousse cups, cookie decorating, bear claws and rugaluch.

Week 3

Learn to make Crackers, Cheese Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Cakesickles and Donuts.

Week 4

Learn to make Biscotti, Dessert Cups, Cream Tarts, Eclairs & Churros & Cinnamon Buns.

Baka Jerusalem
(Contact Tammy for exact address)

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