Lag BaOmer at the Kotel

Due to the security situation, and following the restrictions imposed on Mt. Meron this year, Lag Ba’Omer’s main ceremonies will take place at the Western Wall Plaza during Lag BaOmer.

On Saturday night, the eve of Lag BaOmer, there will be a large bonfire and a performance by a musical ensemble.

A special area will be set up at the Western Wall Plaza where “Upsherin – Chalakeh” ceremonies will be held for children, who have reached the age of three, to celebrate their first haircut at the Western Wall. The ceremonies will take place throughout the afternoon of Lag BaOmer until the end of the holiday at sunset.  To register, click here.

During the ceremony, songs about Mt. Meron and Lag Ba’Omer will be played, and light refreshments will be served to the public in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Events will be broadcast live from the kotel, here.

Western Wall - Kotel
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