Kotel Tunnel Tours

Go underground as you explore the Kotel Tunnels with a trained guide. Learn about the history of this ancient space and it’s connection to religious life in Jerusalem.

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is one of the most magnificent and significant remnants in Jerusalem from the days of the Second Temple, destroyed approximately 2,000 years ago. Above ground we can only access 70 meters, a small portion of it. Go underground to see the rest.

Touch the original and special stones that tell the story of the Jewish nation. Visitors to the Western Wall Tunnels walk through ancient and fascinating subterranean spaces with exquisite archeological findings, such as large stone arches, water pits, an ancient water aqueduct that ends at the Strouthion Pool, and more.

The tour requires some stairs but is along a paved path.

Kotel Tunnel Tours run all day and into the night. The tour is 1.5 hrs and only available with a guide. Reservations required in advance.

Kotel Tunnel Tours – Virtual 360

Take the tour from the comfort of your own home – anywhere in the world. The Western Wall Heritage Foundation will provide the live guide to walk you through a 360 high resolution video of the tunnels. You are able to ask questions as the guide walks you around the historic site. Join an existing tour in English, Hebrew, French or Russian or request a private tour for your family, synagogue or community.

Reservations - Kotel Tunnel Tours

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