JELLY Theater Workshop Camp

JELLY the Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth presents a Summer Theatre Camp.

We are delighted to invite ‘young actors’ – kids with a love for acting- to join our troupe for another memorable summer at the 13th JELLY Summer Theatre Workshop.

The 3 week workshop is for teens aged 11 to 15, and comes with the thrill of being on stage, developing acting skills as well as the crafts that go into producing a play, set and costume design.

The workshop is directed by both Eli Kaplan-Wildmann and Sara Kohn, assisted by 3 counsellors.


Located initially at Mercaz Dov in Baka, Jerusalem – in the final week it moves to a theatre. The two performances of the play, on August 6, in the theatre, are the culmination of a huge amount of hard work and great excitement.

The price includes 10 free tickets for the final play for family and friends.

JELLY runs the workshop at cost. Being a real theatre makes this a camp experience unforgettable.


We limit the JELLY Summer Theatre Workshop to 18/19 young actors (with a staff of 5) ensuring everyone gets an active part in the play. The ratio of staff to teens allows scope for group work and is potential for lots of different activities.

Many of our graduates go on to become involved in local theatre and the response has always been extremely enthusiastic.

FIJ Important Notice – Summer Camps in Jerusalem have begun registration and are hoping that within the next few weeks the government will officially issue permission for camps to open just as they did for schools. It is the responsibility of each parent to check the camp is working within the official guidelines, as issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health, before the first day of camp.

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