Jerusalem HackerCamp

Jerusalem HackerCamp Summer Camp

The Jerusalem HackerCamp (run by The LearningWorks) is part of Google Education, part of the Maker Camp consortium, and comes from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. We do technology, design, and engineering and lots of people say we’re “a robotics camp,” probably because it’s hard to say everything we really do.

That would be. . . web design, computer networking and security, woodwork, metalwork, Minecraft, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, science projects made from junk, electronics projects, physics experiments, mobile apps, chemistry experiments, cell and protein analysis under the microscope. . . and yes, we ALSO do robotics.

The LearningWorks lab includes:

  • CAD modeling and 3D Printing
  • Powerful multi-platform computing environment
  • 1,120,000 LEGOs including 80 robotic development sets, 24 trains and 800m of track.
  • High-powered telescopes, lasers, optical experiments
  • Radio and microwave communications tools
  • Microscopes, a chemistry lab, a particle accelerator
  • Lightsabers, a TARDIS… and we make cookies.

We do amazing field trips, morning bike-rides (optional), astronomy nights, radio fox-hunts in Gan Sacher, sleepovers (when possible), camping trips and movie nights.

Past Field Trips Have Been To: Mobileye, Facebook, Osem/Teva logistical, Aeronautics, Algae farms, 2 Water Desalination Plants, Dimona, Bright Source, the Iriya Engineering Dept, Intel, Microsoft, Google and a 3d Printing Factory.

Space is limited with a very high staff-student ratio.  Candidates will be interviewed.

Join the coolest geeks in Jerusalem!

The LearningWorks makes every effort to reply timely to any inquiries. If you asked for information and did not receive it, please check the other tabs or folders in your email, including “spam”, or let Fun In Jerusalem know and we will make sure they reach you. 

FIJ Important Notice – Summer Camps in Jerusalem have begun registration and are hoping that within the next few weeks the government will officially issue permission for camps to open just as they did for schools. It is the responsibility of each parent to check the camp is working within the official guidelines, as issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health, before the first day of camp.

Midreshet Amalya,
Ha-Rav Khayim Heler Street

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