Glass Blowing & Flame Working Workshop

Get ready for a really exciting experience as you learn about the art of Glass Blowing and Flame Working from Yael, a Bezalel graduate. Yael gives you an introduction to the science and art of the craft and then gives you a hands on experience to create your own pieces of art.

All workshops are private and involve hands on torch work. Once you get started you won’t want to leave!

The Workshop

The workshop is customized for its participants. Beginners are taught the art of flame working and more advanced students can learn the technique of glass blowing. Workshops can be between 2-4 hours depending on what you would like to learn.

The studio is equipped with torches. Workshops include making glass candies, pendants, animals etc’ which become impressive souvenirs.

The workshops are for up to 20 people.

You choose what you make
No need for prior knowledge
Everyone comes out with a piece

Hands on Workshop or Demonstration?

If you prefer a demonstration with audience participation rather than a hands on workshop – that can be arranged as well. Let Yael know who will be coming with you and she can help you decide what will work for your group.

Jerusalem House of Quality
Hebron Rd 12

Reservations - Glass Blowing & Flame Working Workshop

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