Exotic Animal Experience & Petting Zoo

Come and meet the exotic animals at Shlomo’s unique exotic animal farm & petting zoo in Gush Etzion. Be guided on a tour as you see animals from all over the world. Shlomo makes interacting with animals fun for the whole family.

Shlomo has a collection of birds, reptiles, amphibians and aquariums filled with sea life.

Special animals include giant snakes, power lizards, swan squirrels, snails, parrots, giant tortoises, eagles, tarantulas and more.

The petting zoo includes rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, chicks, large turtles, snakes, etc.

The activity includes lots of audience participation and humor.

Birthdays- Bar /Bat Mitzvot

Celebrate at Shlomo’s exotic animal experience or bring the animals to you.

Exotic Animal Farm
Sde Bar – at the bottom of Herodion in Gush Etzion (10 min from Har Homa)

Reservations - Exotic Animal Farm

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