Biblical Museum of Natural History Interactive Tour

The Biblical Museum of Natural History has moved to a brand new location just outside Beit Shemesh – seven exhibit halls in a total of 1400 square meters/14,000 square feet.

Natural History Museum + Biblical Education Center + Zoo = Unique Family Activity (Only in Israel)

This unique new museum combines a love for Biblical History and nature by opening a window into life during Biblical times. Learn about the animals that lived in the time of the Torah and their symbolism in Scripture, Midrash and Talmud.  At the same time gain a deeper understanding of the Land of Israel and how the local flora and fauna played an integral role in our history.

The museum is the brainchild of Rabbi Natan Slifkin, aka the “Zoo Rabbi”. His knowledge of the animal kingdom and how it connects to stories in the Bible is unsurpassed and now he has found a way to share it with kids, teens and adults at the new Biblical Museum of Natural History. Tours are interactive, hands on experiences and the exhibits include live and non- live taxidermy exhibits.

What makes this museum different?

The vivid exhibits are not behind glass. You can walk up close to see a stuffed lion or a Kiwi egg. Being led through the auditorium of exhibits by Rabbi Slifkin is truly a unique experience that you can only have in Israel unless you are lucky enough to go on Safari with him.  Children of all ages can hold the animals, so keep an eye on the little ones.

  • See the snails that produce Techelet
  • Learn about the quails that were given to Bnei Yisrael when they complained about the manna
  • Hold a Boa Constrictor
  • Learn the difference between animal eggs
  • See an incredible shofar collection from a variety of animals from all over the world

The museum is located just outside Beit Shemesh a 30 minute drive from Jerusalem. Tours are scheduled in advanced by reservation and can be arranged in Hebrew or English. This is truly one of the unique museums in Israel that each family should add to their itinerary.


The Biblical Museum of Natural History
Corner of Topaz Street and Choshen Street, Har-Tuv Bet Shemesh

Reservations - Biblical Natural History Museum

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