“Three Weeks” Tours with Nachliel “The Museum Guy”

Nachliel Selavan, affectionately known as The Museum Guy, will be guiding tours at the Bible Lands Museum and Israel Museum this summer.

Dive into the stories and gain new insights into the Three Weeks!

The Age of Empires Tour (Bible Lands Museum)

Assyria at the height of its power restructured the Ancient Near East, until its downfall by the hands of Babylon. These two Empires changed the world forever, and us along with it.

Enter the First Temple period, toward the end of both kingdoms: Israel and Judah.

These kingdoms saw the rise of new superpowers called Empires, first Assyria, then Babylon, and made choice which impacted their future. The Ten Tribes were exiled and the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by Assyria. Judah survived an attack by Assyria, barely, and was eventually destroyed by Babylon. Since then we’ve been known as “Jews”.

Failed Revolutions (The Israel Museum)

Learn about Herod the Great and how he rebuilt Jerusalem’s Temple to rival the greatests temples in the Roman world. From the Fall of Jerusalem to the Fall of Beitar, there are very important lessons to learn from the coins, statues, structures and items that have been found from this period. In the end,  see how some of them inspired the artists of the 19-20th centuries, as they envisioned the revival of the people of Israel in their homeland.

Join Nachliel in the museum, where these stories and texts come to life, and learning is exciting and engaging, and gain a fresh appreciation for the summer in the Jewish calendar.

Nachliel updates his list of tours every few days. Keep track of his tours here.

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