Creative Crafts Cafe – Kfar Etzion

Creative Crafts offers unique Art and Mosaic Workshops in it’s new state-of-the-art air conditioned studio in the Kfar Etzion Industrial Zone.  Create beautiful, unique projects using quality materials all in a relaxed atmosphere that will leave you feeling amazing!

Date night * family mosaic projects * craft parties * mixed media chugim for Young Artists* mosaics for Adults * mixed media crafts workshops * wax hands & candles * all natural lip balms, creams, soaps * weaving * cool cork workshops * tie dye and more .

During the winter months, you can join a weekly mosaics class, sign-up for a romantic date night activity or schedule a party or event for groups of 10 people or more.


Join the latest trend of people who choose to spend time together doing something unique, amazing, and creative! Check our schedule or book your own private event (requires at least 6 participants).

  • Choose your shape
  • Choose your design & colors
  • Learn how to best lay your tiles for your design
  • Learn how to cut and shape glass
  • Finish your project by grouting
  • Have lots of fun & take your project home

This workshop is a lovely family workshop.  It’s great for ages 6 +.


DESIGN a SIGN, Chanukah Themed Mosaics, GAME ON, Game Boards, Jerusalem Themed KITS Available. Everything you need for a great project at home.


Whether it’s a bar/bat mitzvah, a bridal shower, special birthday ,school project or just random FUN…we will help you create a heirloom/special gift that will be cherished forever!


Join a semester class for Young Artists, or mosaic classes for adults  (per semester/project/class) in Jerusalem & Efrat


Want to spice up your space, create or renew? Allow us to mosaic anything you wish for!


There’s nothing more meaningful than a beautiful project made together …and there’s nothing says connection like mosaics..putting together seemingly random parts to form a whole….
Whether it’s an entire school, a special birthday, a fun activity for guests visiting from far (and near) or even a bridal shower…… the experience and the results speak for themselves.


What’s MIXED MEDIA? At Creative Crafts this means that we are never bored! We get a taste of many different types of art …from mosaics & stained glass, to working with wax and candle making to sewing, landscape painting, glass painting, fimo, to edible art and spa month (where we make our own lip balms, soaps, bath salts, face masks) and more…

Creative Crafts- Fun in JerusalemCreative Crafts- Fun in JerusalemCreative Crafts- Fun in JerusalemCreative Crafts- Fun in JerusalemCreative Crafts- Fun in JerusalemCreative Crafts- Fun in Jerusalem
Kibbutz Kfar Etzion

Reservations - Creative Crafts Mosaic Workshops

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