Creative Crafts Chugim in the Gush

At the Creative Crafts Cafe in Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim and in Efrat, kids and adults can enjoy art classes that will…

  • teach you new skills
  • express your creativity
  • pamper your self-esteem,
  • while exploring a wide-range of exciting medium

During each session you will create amazing, unique projects using quality materials with personalized attention and all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Young Artists – Grades 1-12

In this 1.5 hour chug …which takes place in both Efrat & Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim we get a taste of many different types of art…from mosaics & fused glass, resin art, paint pouring, wax hands & candle making ,sewing, landscape painting, glass painting, fimo, to edible art & even spa month (where we make our own lip balms, soaps, bath salts, face masks) & more…

Classes are small 4-8 students and divided by age.

Advanced Painting & Sketching – Grades 7 & up:

We journey from pencil, to charcoal, to watercolor, Acrylic and Oils including exploring the techniques of the Masters (previous experience required)

Mosaics & Advanced Glass – Adults

Learn the Art of mosaics, cutting & shaping glass & tile, glass fusing, stained glass & glass sculpture. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced student there are always more to new techniques to explore.

Come make your dream project that will be in your family for generations…and don’t be surprised that this will become the most enjoyable hours of your week!

Kibbutz K’far Etzion, Upper Lullim Section

Chug Info - Creative Crafts

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