Jeep & Trekking Tours

Enjoy a unique jeeping trip throughout Israel and in the Jerusalem area – a real “havaya Israelity” (Israeli experience).

A certified tour guide from The Hidden Valley will pick you up in a closed jeep and take you on a custom tour. Hidden Valley Tours offers off-road jeeping adventures, and on-road nature/history-focused tours.

Some of our favorite family jeeping locations near Jerusalem include:

  • Jerusalem mountains
  • Burma Road – The Makeshift road that saved Jerusalem
  • Ella Valley – site of the David & Goliath story, Bar Cochba Caves, Beit Guvrin
  • Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea
  • Midbar Yehuda (Judean Desert)
  • Christian sites
  • Negev


You can choose either 2 hours or 1/2 day or full day tours. Each tour has a personal touch, with tea and cookies served in the field.

Each jeep can seat 6-8 people, and car seats can be arranged as well.

For larger groups, we can arrange multiple jeeps that will ride along together.

Painting Nature Tour

Set out into the  desert or the hillsides, to see and experience the beautiful, barren landscape from a new vantage point.  This is a truly unique experience, combining the art of observation, exploration and artistic creation.  During the tour, we will introduce you to various methods of drawing, including landscape painting, drawing, graphite and watercolor.  We provide the materials, you only need to bring your desire to experience nature from a completely new perspective.


For more information click here, or ask the team.


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