Hot Glass Fusing Workshop


At Artesana it’s ok to break glass…in fact it’s encouraged.

A hot glass fusing workshop is a fascinating experience, where you can be creative with special materials, discover the magical world of glass, play with glass and create beautiful pieces of art.

The workshop is suitable for families, children and adults alike and lasts for 1.5 hrs.

It’s a great activity for a Yom Kef, Bat Mitzvah, Birthday or a special bonding date night with your spouse or child.

In the workshop you can create plates, bowls, trays, mezuzot, jewelry, pictures, and more, the sky is the limit!

The glass art works need to cook in a special oven at 800 degrees for 20 hours. Pieces can either be picked up or sent to you by courier for an additional charge.

STUDIO LOCATION: Mevo Horon, in a pastoral atmosphere, 30 ‘from Jerusalem, 25’ from Beit Shemesh.
We can bring the workshop to Jerusalem (with a minimum of 15 participants) & to other cities throughout Israel. WAZE – “artesana glass”

Other Tourists locations near by: Park Canada, Latrun Military Base, Modi’in Shopping Centers



Sunday – Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday & Erev Chag 9am – 1pm

Reservations required in advance

Closed on Shabbat


150 NIS per person (only those who participate in the workshop)
Min participants to the workshop: 3 people

Special price for a couple: 360 NIS


Whole Family


English / Hebrew

Venue: Artesana Glass Art Studio

Address: Mevo Horon, Israel
Neighborhood: Mevo Horon (Between Jerusalem & Modiin)