Kakadu Art Workshops

Have you ever wanted to meet an artist and take part in a workshop where the artist sits with the participants and teaches them her craft? A Kakadu Workshop is just that….a wonderful and unique experience. Because, at Kakadu they believe that everyone is a born artist.

Kakadu artwork is combined with functionality.  The art uses shapes, animals and figures from nature and is painted using the bold Kakadu colors.

Meet Reut at the Kakadu Studio

Meet Reut the world renowned Kakadu artist and see some of her recent work. Kakadu is located in the beautiful Ella Valley in Moshav Tzafririm (near Beit Shemesh).

Visitors can choose from a huge variety of products including place mats, to decorative objects, coasters, Hamsas and can even design floor mats if they request it in advance. The wooden carpets are internationally patented. Each piece is “finished” off by Reut herself and each person walks away with a beautiful piece of art in the Kakadu style.

Whatever you choose to create, you will be able to use everyday and enjoy for years to come!

Friday Family Workshops

Every Friday Kakadu runs family workshops for a special price.

Friends & Family Workshop

Families can reserve a private Kakadu experience where they are guided by Reut to create a Kakadu inspired masterpiece.  This is a great activity for grandparents and parents together with their kids. Once you have completed your individual pieces, why not work together on a group piece – a wooden rug – a unique Kakadu product to use as an eye-catching floor runner or stunning wall-hanging in your home. The tour ends with a visit to the Kakadu factory store.

Group Workshops

This is a unique, fun, experiential and highly creative workshop designed for up to 10 participants.  You’ll have the opportunity to create your own personal piece of art AND a larger group piece.

Couples Workshops

Kakadu is a great place to spend some quality time with your spouse. Enjoy an artistic workshop, evoke creativity and closeness through the artistic process and then take home the piece of art to use, in health and happiness, together in your home.

Team Building Workshops

A fabulous workshop for larger groups of 25-50 people, which encourages each participant to connect to their creativity, overcome their inhibitions and unleash their inner-artist.  It is a unique, fun and highly enjoyable workshop that encourages openess, teamwork and lots of laughter!  Perfect for corporate events, family gatherings, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations and office “away-days”.

Activities Near Kakadu: make it a full day activity

Rent bikes for your family through the Moshav and take a bike tour through some of Israel’s most beautiful landscapes. Spring begins early at Kakadu so you can already enjoy the flowers starting in January.

Take a tour of the local caves with Aron, Reut’s husband. He is a licensed tour guide and will take you into some of the caves used during the time of King David. Aron is full of stories and is a great guide for all ages.



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