Exciting Activities in the Adumim Region

The Maale Adumim Region, right outside of Jerusalem, offers a wide array of fun family activities. Favorite activities include ATV/jeeping into the Judean Desert, camel riding, Beduin hospitality, desert survival workshops and much more.

Shelley from Tour Adumim is your one-stop service for activities in the Maale Adumim Region ( just outside of Jerusalem on route to Dead Sea)

Come and explore the Adumim region!


Choose from the following activities:

  • NEW! Mindfulness in the Judean desert. Breathing meditation workshops for families.
  • Honey Making Workshop at the Eitan Mechina
  • Desert Survival Skills”: or “Shepherding Skills 101” for all the family
  • Camel riding in Judean Desert
  • Breathtaking desert outlooks with views of Jerusalem, Jericho and the Dead Sea
  • Participate in a Mezuzah Making Workshop
  • Excursions – ATV or jeeping in the Judean Desert
  • “Get to Know an Israeli Artist” at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art with scavenger hunt and writing in ancient Hebrew.
  • Hear an amazing Ethiopian Aliyah story
  • Explore and eat lunch at the new luxurious DCity


Reserve Activities Only – Tour Adumim will give you a full description of activities in the region and will reserve activities for your family/group free of charge.

Coordinating a Day Trip – Tour Adumim will work together with you to coordinate a half or full day program in the region for your family/group.

Coordinating fee includes all reservations, directions, tips, and complete written itinerary.

Personal Accompaniment – Tour Adumim will coordinate your trip and accompany you throughout the day in the Maale Adumim Region, adding explanations and anecdotes as you go from place to place. You will learn the story behind the region—the history, the people, the challenges.

Reservations - Tour Adumim

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