Jerusalem “9 Days” Family Travel Tips

Updated July 19, 2020

The Nine Days can be a difficult time to entertain your children while on vacation. During the Nine days preceding Tisha B’Av we remember the days leading up to the destruction of the Temple. It is customary not to do anything potentially dangerous and many people do not swim during these days.

If you don’t take your children swimming in this heat then what else is there to do?…I have some great ideas for you.

Remember that you are in the city where it all happened. Take the chance to learn about Jerusalem in the time of the 1st or 2nd Temple. Whether it’s at a museum, on a guided tour or just walking through the streets of the Old City – you will feel the Jewish history.

Another activity that kids and teens can enjoy and is appropriate for these Nine Days is to volunteer to feed the hungry. See our Volunteer Opportunities of volunteer opportunities in Jerusalem.

The following are fun activities that your kids and teens will enjoy and maybe even learn from! Due to Corona restrictions changing often please call ahead to be sure the attraction is open.

  • Old City Scavenger Hunt – take the family challenge and solve missions and clues in the alleys of the Old City. It’s the perfect 9 days activity to bring meaning to week before Tisha B’av. If you prefer to experience a hunt at your own pace, we recommend the ScaVentures Jerusalem Experiential Guidebook. For 150 shekels you get 5 Jerusalem outings and hundreds of games and missions!
  • Miniature Model of the Beit Hamikdash on the roof of Aish Hatorah in the Old City
  • Dig For A Day – a fun and interactive way to learn about the Temple period as you sift through sand and dirt to find real ancient artifacts. Sifting is done in caves so its a good activity for a hot day. Call in advance for reservations and to see if they are open.
  • Old Yishuv Court Museum: Learn about the Old City during different time periods in history. Play old fashioned games and hear stories about life within the ancient walls.
  • Tower of David: A great place to learn about the history of the Old City. Incredible lookouts and kids can use interactive ipad games (Hebrew) to walk through the exhibits.
  • Jerusalem Archaeological Park: Archaeological remains next to the Western Wall. See the special exhibit of artifacts from the 1967 war that reunited Jerusalem.
  • City of David: Take a walk through ancient aqueducts and learn about how water was brought to the Temple. There are dry aqueducts you can walk through as well. See ancient ruins and learn about life in the time of the Temple.
  • Gush Katif Museum: Learn about the disengagement in Gush Katif
  • Israel Museum: Model of Jerusalem During the Second Temple. Call in advance to make sure the museum is open.

9 Days Activity Workbook created by GIFT –

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Other Recommended Activities that are just fun but appropriate for the 9 days and that follow the Corona guidelines.

  • Zomet Experience – the Halachic Science Center invites you to come on a tour and learn about Technology & Shabbat. Located in Alon Shvut Gush Etzion
  • Biblical Museum of Natural History – learn about the flora and fauna from the Bible and from Israel on a virtual interactive tour.
  • Kakadu Art Workshop – an artistic and creative indoor activity that can also be done in the shaded garden outdoors. Meet Reut the artist behind Kakadu and create your own piece of Kakadu art.
  • Pat Bamelach Bread Workshop – learn to bake focaccia, pretzels or challah as you learn about the grain cycle in Israel and in the Torah. In person and virtual workshops available.
  • Tour Adumim – Shelley will take you to amazing desert lookouts, factory tours and even to a Castel Art museum & Mosaic Museum. There is so much to do in the Adumim area.
  • Candy Workshop at ToMo Candy or Chocolate Workshop at Kibbutz Tzuba – fun for kids and adults.
  • Book an art workshop or a workshop in a box to take home – Hadara Ceramics, Studio Kliche Sun Printing, Open Studio Home Art Kits.
  • Yvel Jewelry Tour – take a behind the scenes tour of the Yvel Jewelry factory and learn about their special mission to train Ethiopian olim.
  • Behind the Scenes Sofer Tour – learn about writing from a Biblical scribe. This is a hands on workshop located in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Feel free to leave your comments with other ideas for Nine Days activities.

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