Tower of David Museum

After a three-year, $50 million conservation and renewal program, the new Tower of David Museum has reopened as the capital’s official museum with a completely immersive experience of ancient Jerusalem and interactive technology.

The Museum presents Jerusalem’s story. It details the major events in its history beginning with the first evidence of a city in Jerusalem in the second millennium BCE, until the city became the capital of the State of Israel, as well as its significance to three religions.

Located in the medieval citadel, the Tower of David Museum is located at the historic entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. It was once the fortress defending the city.

New Features

  • The multi-level sunken entrance pavilion at the Jaffa Gate offers a new gateway to the Old City.
  • 10 completely new thematic galleries, telling Jerusalem’s 4,000-year story, and its centrality to Judaism, Christianity and Islam with models of the Second Temple, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock
  • Innovative and engaging content, including the largest 12-meter interactive multi-media wall, 3-D digital modeling, video mapping, immersive 360 video installation, interactive sphere
  • Authentic artifacts, many displayed in-situ for the first time dating back to approx 1500 years BCE
  • Citadel accessible to all visitors with ambitious Accessibility Program and first-of-its-kind elevator in Israel, chair lifts and ramps
  • Conservation of ancient citadel’s walls and minaret
  • Museum area doubled to over 20,000 square meters

Daily Guided Tours (in Hebrew & English): 90 minutes

An exciting journey  spanning 4,000 years of history.

On the tour, discover: why Jerusalem is holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, how this influenced the development and the design of the city throughout the generations, and explore how myth, holiness and ideas created the geographical space in which we live.

The tour passes through the impressive galleries of the renewed Tower of David Jerusalem Museum, combining genuine archaeological artifacts with movies, interactive screens, and innovative video-art presentations. The tour also includes ascending to the highest panoramic observation point in the Old City.

Children’s Tours (in Hebrew): 90 minutes

The tour includes admission into the new galleries, citadel walls walk, ascent to the Phasael tower viewpoint and introduction to the history of Jerusalem through games, puzzles, and tours appropriate for the entire family.

Street Games

A new exhibition which has just opened in the rotating gallery. It’s an interactive architectural experience based on the books written by architect David Kroyanker. The exhibition displays illustrations of buildings and of architectural objects that represent the walls of the old city, and the five Jerusalem streets: Meah Shearim, Haneveim, Yaffo, Ramban, and Emek Refaim. By way of these urban illustrations, encounter the various styles of Jerusalem architecture from the 16th century until today.

There are also creative workshops for children based on the exhibition.

Self-Guided Audio Guides

A Bird’s Eye View of Jerusalem – A new audio tour route entirely located in the open air of the extensive citadel that invites visitors to get to know Jerusalem, and discover how the city has changed throughout history. The tour includes unique historical models, as well as archaeological finds located throughout the citadel.

Herod’s Palace and the Kishle – Take an exciting journey to explore the city’s past, through the major events and the narratives which shaped its history; a journey which begins at the Tower of David, and continues through the Citadel’s moat to the Kishle. In 1999, the Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an extensive archaeological dig in the Kishle, and uncovered the secrets of the city of Jerusalem from the days of the First Temple until modern times.

The Phasael Tower

At the top of the Phasael Tower at a height of 777 meters above sea level, sits the most beautiful observation point in Jerusalem, offering a 360° expansive view over the east and the west – the Old City and the New City, the past and the future. From the top of this tower built by King Herod about 2000 years ago, there is a commanding view over holy sites, neighborhoods and major buildings in Jerusalem

Night Spectacular (VIP or Regular)

An incredible sound and light show that takes place on the Tower of David stone walls.

On the first Wednesday of every month, at 8pm, they have a relaxed performance, with some adjustments to create the most comfortable conditions for children and adults with disabilities, contributing to a more inclusive environment.

Please check the website for the full program.

King David Show (VIP or Regular)

This nighttime experience brings to life the majestic story of David, from shepherd-to-king, comes to life in a completely new cinematic production projected onto the walls and archaeological excavations of the ancient citadel.

Please check the website for the full program.

Tower of David, Jerusalem

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