Pat Ba’Melach Biblical Bread Workshop

Come visit Pat BaMelach, an artisan bakery in Gush Etzion.

Pat BaMelach (פת במלח) offers hands-on workshops, giving participants historical,
educational, cultural and tasty bread-making activities.

Come and spend some time in our wheelchair-accessible, air-conditioned facility in
pastoral Gush Etzion. The workshops are held at their bakery in Efrat.

Workshop Options

Fresh Rolls-Make and Bake

The 1.5-hour workshop has participants exploring how to roll, shape and proof dough
while they make their own breads and rolls. Add your own personal touch to your breads
with herbs and seeds. While the bread is baking learn the secrets behind making the
perfect loaf.

Breads and Spreads

Come hungry! A one-hour workshop offers a sourdough bread tasting where participants
learn the difference between different types of breads made from various wheats and
grains. Breads are dipped in olive oils and other delicious spreads from around the Israeli


A 1.5-hour workshop where guests shape, boil, salt and bake delicious sourdough pretzels.
This is a wonderfully family-friendly activity.

Sourdough Crash Course

For bread lovers, spend an afternoon at the bakery exploring sourdough. A 3.5-hour
workshop delves into the world of sourdough starters, shaping and different types of
sourdoughs. Participants mix, fold, shape, slash and bake their own sourdough loaf. While
the dough is fermenting and developing, a professional baker leads informative discussions
about grains, nutrition, gluten development, digestion and more. Each participant leaves
the bakery with the loaf they baked that day along with some recipes and some of our own
signature sourdough starter.

Participants can explore:

• The History of Bread in Tanach (the Bible) and Halacha
• Birkat HaMazon (a great session for Bar and Bat Mitzvah children!)
• The Grain Cycle and Jewish Holidays in Israel – From Harvest to Sacrifice: How Grains and Breads were used in the Times of the Beit HaMikdash

Join us for lunch at our dairy restaurant before or after your workshop!

Pat BaMelach
Bo'az St 17, Efrat

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