Zomet Experience


How does the metal detector at the Kotel work? How do doctors write their notes on Shabbat? How does a Shabbat elevator work? How does a Shabbat wheelchair work?

Come to the “Halachic Science Center” and find out how rabbis and engineers solve techno-halachic problems.

At the Zomet Visitors Center you can ask questions, learn, understand and enjoy. Best of all the exhibits are interactive!

Visitors Center Tour:

  • Presentation: “Principles of the use of electricity on Shabbat and The Zomet Institutes inventions for security and medical needs” 45 min.  (English or Hebrew)
  • Walk through the interactive exhibit hall & watch instructional movies (English or Hebrew)
  • Self guided tour option – walk through the interactive exhibit hall with a special English guide book (1hr)

Who Is This Tour For?

The Zomet Experience is suited to: Families of all Jewish denominations, Bat/Bar Mitzvah Tours, Synagogue Missions, Youth Movements, Birthright, Christian Tours and Senior Citizens. Just tell Zomet about your group in advance so that the program can be tailored to your interests.

About Zomet:Zomet Logo

Zomet began to focus on the crossroads of Jewish Law and Modern Life in 1976. Today the Institute is well known for its’ success in merging Torah and Modern Life. The visitors center opened to the (English) public in 2015.

Zomet is located in Alon Shvut and there is plenty of parking and a nice park nearby for younger kids to play in.

Make sure to check out the innovative products that Zomet Sells. I use their Shabbat Lamp (OrLi) and their traveling electric shabbat candles. 

Let Zomet know about your group so they can choose the right guide for you!

Book A Private Family Tour



9:00am-5:00pm Sunday – Thursday
9:00am-12:00pm Friday


Self Guided Tour- 20 NIS per person (ages 7+)
Children below age 7 – FREE

Guided Tour
Small Group 200 NIS + 20 NIS per person
Children below age 7 – FREE

Large Group (15-50 people)
500 NIS – for the whole group


Ages 6+


English / Hebrew

Venue: Zomet Institute

Address: HaErez 3
Alon Shvut, Israel
Neighborhood: Alon Shvut, Gush Etzion
Parking: Free parking
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    Please fill in the form with possible dates, language, # of people and tell us a little bit about the background of the group.

Zomet Experience – BITE SIZE

Have you wondered how a Shabbat elevator works? How a fridge can have a Shabbat mode? How the metal detectors work at the Kotel? These questions and more can be answered at the Zomet Experience in Gush Etzion. Zomet is the company that merges Halach...
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