How to Host a Successful Zoom Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Wedding

We have all gotten so used to meetings and classes taking place on zoom and now we are seeing zoom used for family celebrations as well. How did we live without it? How did we host weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs without including relatives and friends from across the world.

Well maybe the Corona era has a silver lining? Here are our top tips…



If you have lots of family and friends connecting from different parts of the world, consider creating multiple zoom meetings where the guests invited to a specific meeting are either family or know each other. Give them a chance to chat with each other and enjoy the simcha together. For a wedding create a zoom meeting for the bride’s side and one for the groom’s side.


Keep the chat option open so guests can leave a message or interact with each other. Give them the chance to ask who someone is. Encourage guests to leave messages for the host that the host can read after the event.


Don’t make it a zoom webinar – part of the fun is sharing the experience with your family and friends and seeing them on camera. Just use the speaker’s view to keep the main video on the screen.


Put someone in charge of the zoom camera – don’t just leave it because then the photographer and guests stand in front of the camera and no one on zoom can ask them to move. 🤣


Invite zoom family guests half an hour before the chuppah or Bar/Bat Mitzvah so they get to see the family pictures.


Ask the live guests to engage with the zoom camera – it’s so nice to hear what’s going on. Ask the bride and groom or Bar/Bat Mitzvah to welcome the Zoom guests.


Think about the timezone differences. Family & friends who really want to be there will wait up till 11pm in Israel to join but not much later.

✨Did I miss anything? What else would you suggest?

Hire a Zoom Company

If this seems too complicated and you would prefer to hire someone to take care of the entire Zoom prices – contact Famooth (in Israel) and they will take care of it all. Famooth brings a fashionable Zoom stand and has

🥂Mazal Tov to my cousins Rifky & Aaron! 🥂 who were my first Zoom wedding and inspired this post.

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