LOL & POP Custom Candy & Workshops


LOL & POP is the first candy confectionery “master class” in Israel that produces kosher handmade personalized candies from 100% natural ingredients! Run by Igor & Kataryna Levitan (recent Olim) and based in Ramat Gan.

LOL&POP is a play of words, which forms the word lollipop – which means hard candy in English. LOL is an abbreviation for “laugh out loud” and is used to express laughter. Their hard candies taste delicious, look colorful and when people see them they always smile.

The abbreviation POP is short for “popular”. Therefore, if you add these words together, it turns out that LOL & POP makes popular sweets that create smiles.



Candy Workshops in Ramat Gan

LOL&POP Candy invites children from 6+ to a master class of making delicious hard candies. Little ones who have a sweet tooth, will mold candies by themselves, learn about the small candy preparation process and get a sweet set of candies made by their own hands to take home. (2 bottles of 160 g hard candies and lollipop per person). The class takes place in Ramat Gan in the candy factory. Master Classes are 1.5 hrs.

Candy Shows in Jerusalem & throughout Israel

LOL & POP can come to you in Jerusalem. Arrange a candy show to come to your party.

How does it work?

LOL & POP brings the equipment. The production process is held before your eyes, from the very beginning when we pour the hot candy onto the dishes. You’ll see and smell the colors during the game of guessing the ingredients. Participants will then create their own lollipops and shaped candies. Allow 1.5 hours to complete the candy show & workshop.

What is needed?
A table 180 х 100, electricity close to the table, air conditioning (room must be cold).

Minimum 1500 NIS, which will include up to 15 participants (kids or adults 6 yrs old +). Every additional participant 70 NIS.

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Order Custom Candies for Bar/Bat Mitzvas or Special Events
Order special candies with words or logos inside that will put a smile on all of your guests’ faces. Using a special technique with hard candies, LOL & POP can do inscriptions, images and virtually any logo inside the sweet. They are not afraid to experiment with flavors and images so send LOL & POP your request!!! Flavors include watermelon, coffee, chocolate, berry, lemon, banana and even some interesting flavors using turmeric, chile or paprika.

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What is the candy made of?
Sugar, glucose, water, citric acid and natural flavor and color. You will ask: is that all? – Yes, that is all. The sweets contain only natural & kosher ingredients (even the coloring agents).
In the LOL & POP candy shop you can also find uniquely flavored & absolutely natural marshmallows, classic recipe toffees and jelly candies.
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Workshops by reservation


Candy Workshops in Ramat Gan
SPECIAL FIJ PRICE – 120 NIS per person 
Regular price: 130 NIS per person (minimum of 3 people)
Request to join other groups if you are less than 3 people.

Custom Candy Prices – custom flavors and design
700 NIS
for 4 kilo large jar 160g (approx 25 jars)
700 NIS for 4 kilo small jar 90g (approx 44 jars)

Candy Show Prices in Jerusalem
1500 NIS for up to 15 people (1.5 hours)


Workshops ages 6+


English / Hebrew

Venue: LOL & POP

Address: 43 Haroe
Ramat Gan,Israel
Neighborhood: Ramat Gan

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