Old Yishuv Court Museum Tour

When you enter the Issac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum, you walk into a home which takes you back into the history of the Old City. Each room depicts life in the Old City of Jerusalem during different time periods and different rulers. See rooms from the time of the Ottoman Empire, 19th Century, British Mandate and the HaAri Synagogue. Each room is set up as it was during that time period. Rooms include a bedroom, kitchen, workshop and inner courtyard.

Virtual Stories

Take a step back into history to experience the Old City of Jerusalem many years ago. The museum has a special series of online stories for you to watch. The videos are in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles.

Exhibit: From Crisis to Resurrection

The exhibition “From Crisis to Resurrection” seeks to present the story of those anonymous heroes whose books have not been written about, and whose crowns have not been crowned. The story of 1,700 residents who suffered a six-month siege, saw Death in front of their eyes, some of them went to captivity, and some of them (especially women, children and the elderly) had to start all over again in the midst of war and with deep concern for the captives.
The exhibition follows the story of the evacuees of the Old City between the years 1948-1958, the years in which the State of Israel fought for its existence, absorbing many immigrants and facing many difficulties.

Shiviti Plaque Collection

Explore the beautiful collection of Shiviti plaques, traditionally found in synagogues and in various prayer books.

Exhibit: The Story of Items (Yotzim min hakeilim)

Take a stroll back in time, while learning about and exploring old-time work, kitchen and everyday tools used in every household.

Interactive Family Game

A new interactive self-guided tour for families has been developed in English, whereby families are invited to step back in time and discover life in the Old City over 100 years ago.  Whilst learning about living behind the ancient walls of the Jerusalem, families are invited to explore the museum and to solve problems, darn socks, wring the washing out, and play with games from times gone by in the courtyard.  Activity available upon request during regular museum opening hours.

Old Yishuv Court Museum
Or HaHayim St 6, Jerusalem

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