Enjoying Jerusalem During Corona Times

As the fall begins and the Jewish New Year brings us some hope for the year ahead, it’s hard to believe that we are still dealing with Corona.

Jerusalem Tourism has been as flexible as possible creating virtual events, stay at home activity boxes and adjusting in person activities to fit the Purple Badge restrictions.

The city has extended the very successful “Jerusalem” campaign till after the chagim, post lockdown, to offer visitors at local hotels a voucher to use at a variety of activity vendors and museums. Details can be found on the city website or at the hotel concierge.

As long as there is no lockdown, the city will continue to offer cultural events in capsules at Kikar Safra. Check our calendar for the most up to date listing.

As the guidelines change so often we recommend that you call ahead to check open hours and if locations require reservations.

Looking to enjoy Jerusalem from outside the country? Check our Zoom Educational Resources from Jerusalem post.

If you have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding to celebrate this fall, many party venues have remained open by adapting their spaces to fit the purple badge requirements. Or plan ahead and put your simcha date on hold for next year. For a full list of venues visit our Jerusalem Party Guide.

We wish you all a healthy new year and for those of you outside of Israel…continue to Dream of Fun In Jerusalem.

You will be back soon and we will be waiting for you. 😀

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