Ammunition Hill Tour

Givat Hatachmoshet “Ammunition Hill”  is a historic site in Israeli history because of the battles that took place there during the War of Independence and the 6 Day War. The hill is more than just a memorial to the soldiers that fell there. The hill tells stories of bravery, heritage & leadership and today hosts many fun activities that bring out the hero in “you”.

There is a 360 degree view of Jerusalem from the top of the hill and that is why it was such an important location to conquer. Today the hilltop is open as a museum with bunkers, old tanks, 3D model of Jerusalem on the eve of the 6 Day War (small fee), and an indoor museum with a short movie (22 minutes). The tour and the movie can be arranged in English if it is booked in advance.


The Museum of the Battle of Jerusalem in 1967

A journey to Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in the first museum in Israel showing the contribution of all the units that took part in the battle for the city. Personal and national stories presented in a variety of means of illustration, creating a fascinating historical and human fabric. Audio tour – includes audio kits, including an entrance to the commemoration hall in memory of the 182 fallen soldiers of the Jerusalem campaign.

Battle for Ammunition Hill

Guided tour – See the bunkers and the original battle trenches of the Six-Day War, including an audiovisual show. Tour the NEW armored car of the secrets of the “King’s Boys” that ascended Mount Scopus, the jeep of the Mountain Guards, the Half-Track Vehicle of Motta Gur and the unique monument of the fallen of the 66th Battalion.

Jerusalem Ropes Course

A challenging family activity including an omega zipline, rope ladder and skyswing. Learn about bravery in a new and interactive way.

Ammunition Hill
Shlomo Zalman Shragai Street 5, Jerusalem

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