Jerusalem Puzzle Quest


The Jerusalem Puzzle Quest Presents  “Escape the Nazir” & “The Kabbalist’s Secrets”

A fun, interactive “escape room” perfect for teens and adults.  Ideal for families, friends, groups and anybody ages 10 and up looking to have a great time.

“Escape the Nazir” is an interactive live-action adventure with a TWIST. You have 60 minutes to decipher the clues and escape the room – you will need to do all of this while trying to avoid a “Nazir” who challenges your ability to succeed. This is not just an escape room, it is a higher level escape room, perfect for beginners and experienced “escapees”.

The game can be done with your own group or you can be added to an existing group. The game is open for 4 to 12 people at a time.

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*NEW* – “The Kabbalist’s Secrets” – a new room at Jerusalem Puzzle Quest

Deep in the heart of Jerusalem lies a valuable ancient scroll
protected by magical charms set by an ancient Kabbalist

Can you solve the charms and escape with the scroll?
(A unique escape room for groups of 2-6 people)


Contact Puzzle Quest 054-712-1656

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FIJ Tips

The "Escape room" craze has taken on a new twist in Jerusalem. "Escape the Nazir" & "Kabbalist's Secret" are fun and challenging games created uniquely for the city of Jerusalem.


Sunday – Thursday 12:00pm-10:00pm
Friday 10:00am-2:00pm
Saturday 9:15pm-11:00pm
Additional times can be reserved for groups in advance


Puzzle Quest Escape the Nazir 
80₪ per person (4-5 people)
90₪ per person (6-12 people) includes a Nazir

Kabbalist’s Secrets
2 People – NIS 190
3 People – NIS 260
4 people – NIS 320
5 People – NIS 375
6 People – NIS 420
From Sunday to Thursday (except Holidays), the room is available at a NIS 30 discount per person from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  The discount is available upon specifically mentioning the code “30DayJPQ” and cannot be combined with other discounts.


Children 10-14 must be accompanied by an adult.


English / Hebrew

Venue: The Jerusalem Puzzle Quest

Address: 28 Pierre Koenig
Neighborhood: Talpiot
Parking: Paid Street Parking.
Free 2 hr parking at Hadar Mall across the street.