Bringing Museums Alive – Interactive Tours

Take an exciting Jewish History and Tanach Tour in one of Israel’s best museums, led by Nachliel Selavan.

Whether you chose a virtual tour or a real life tour, you will enjoy the museum from a different angle. Nachliel knows his stuff…he creates a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, as he tickles your imagination at the Museum.

Nachliel Selavan MA. Ed., offers special Jewish History and Tanach tours in museums in Israel and around the world, both in person, and in zoom. He has a distinctive and engaging approach which brings museums and Jewish history to life, connecting Torah, history, art, geography, archaeology and all in a fun and exciting way.

The Tours

Public Tours

Public virtual tours take place a few times a month in English and Hebrew, on Israeli and also East Coast schedules, on a variety of topics, including: Purim and Ancient Persia, Pesach and Ancient Egypt, Chanukah and Ancient Greece, Tanach and Assyria and Babylon, and more.

Take a virtual guided tour of museums around the world, including many museums in the US, Europe and Israel, as well archaeological sites in Israel, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and more.

The virtual tour schedule is flexible, and more tours can be added on demand.

Private Tours

Private Virtual tours are also available. Choose from a long list of potential topics or ask  Nachliel to create an innovative custom tour for your group.

The Audience

Nachliel has lead groups for schools, families, adults, fundraisers, organizations and more. He knows how to make the content interesting for the specific age group he is guiding.

Tour Topics

  • The Gates of Jerusalem
  • Age of Empires
  • Israel and Judah during the First Temple Period
  • Four Kingdoms
  • Monthly Mystery Museum Tour
  • Failed Revolutions
  • Museum Tour for Kids
  • Israel and Judah during the First Temple Period
  • Worlds in Transition
  • Abraham’s Journey
  • Leaving Egypt in the 21st Century
  • A Winter’s Tale
  • A Culture Clash
  • In the Day’s of Achashveirosh
  • Art & Idolatry
  • Museum Highlights and more…

Dive into Jewish History with Nachliel!

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