Mosaic Box with Creative Crafts

Order your own Mosaic Box to be delivered to your house from Creative Crafts.

Not sure what to make? Need some inspiration?

Dana walks you through the process when you order. Buy a specific kit, choose the color scheme you like, choose a shape. Once you’ve ordered you will receive all the supplies and can use your own creativity to create a beautiful piece.

She even gives you the option to rent glass nippers, buy them or get precut glass mosaic pieces.

Mosaic Kits

  • Chanukah Themed Mosaics – 180 NIS
  • Design a Sign – starting at 640 NIS
  • Game Boards
  • Jerusalem themed – starting at 150 NIS
  • Go with the Flow option – a set of 6 pcs with our random ‘mosaic soup ‘mix – 300 NIS
  • Mosaic mirrors – starting at 240 NIS
  • Mosaic trivets – starting at 140 NIS

Delivery – free pickup in Gush Etzion , pick up locations in Jerusalem & delivery to anywhere in the country .

Buy A Mosaic Kit