Escape Room Jerusalem


Are you ready for a new, fun and challenging activity for the whole family? Escape Room Israel is coming to Jerusalem! You will be locked in a mysterious room, search for clues and solves puzzles earning your way to freedom.

The Story:
You and your team are planning The Robbery of The Century: to rob the apartment of a crazy scientist who recently received the largest cash prize in the history of Israel. From reliable sources, you know that he doesn’t trust the bank and prefers to keep all of his cash at home. The catch is that he almost never leaves his apartment, even for 5 minutes.

A moment ago you received information that the scientist left, but will return in exactly 60 minutes from now. You need to act quickly! You can’t even imagine all the surprises that are waiting for you inside. But if you are well prepared and have a smart team, then you have every chance to come back alive, free and rich!

How It Works:
Leave your cell phone at the door as you try to find the cash & escape using logic, brainstorming and looking at everything in the room. Escape Room Israel also has a location in Tel Aviv.

The game is designed for groups of 2-12 people. Groups of 2-6 participants play together in the same room. Groups of 6-12 have to split up into two groups and will be able to play simultaneously.

Younger kids between the ages of 10-16 must be accompanied by an adult. Don’t worry there will be a guide watching you at all times if you need to exit before you solve all the clues.

Reservation process: Reservations for groups of 2-6 people are on-line only. For groups of 7-12 people you should contact Escape Room Jerusalem by phone in order to reserve 2 rooms at the same time.

Please enter a valid phone number and you will be called 48 hours before the game to validate your reservation. If the Escape Room Jerusalem is unable to reach you at that number the reservation will be cancelled. No on-line payment is necessary. Payment is made before the game.

The escape room is open during the week, on Saturdays and Holidays.

The game can be played in English, Hebrew or Russian.

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FIJ Tips

Escape Rooms are the new rage and you can try them all.


2-6 people in one room – book online

6-12 people in 2 rooms – book by phone


Game in One Room
120 NIS per person for 2 people
100 NIS per person for 3 people
90 NIS per person for 4 people
80 NIS per person for 5-6 people

Game in Two Rooms
90 NIS per person for 6-7 people in 2 rooms
80 NIS per person for 8-12 people in 2 rooms

50% discount for children under 12


Ages 16+
Ages 10-16 can come accompanied by an adult


English / Hebrew


Lots of great restaurants in town for after the game.

Venue: Escape Room Jerusalem

Address: 19 Shamai St
Neighborhood: Center of town
Parking: Paid parking lots and paid street parking