Laughter Games Workshops with Debbie Hirsch

Laughter Games Workshops are a great way to bring a family or special group together. Energize your day by making it more fun through interactive and practical positivity games.

Debbie is a very talented facilitator with years of experience. She attended the School of Performing Arts in NYC, has been in Hollywood films, and has performed on stage around the world. Most importantly she has learned to improvise and use laughter as a tool while parenting her 8 kids.

Exercise your brain and your funny bone as you enjoy special quality time with your family and friends.

Virtual (across the world) or In Person (in Israel)

Debbie’s workshops can be done virtually or in person.

Who is the workshop for?

A great activity for a special family party, company fun staff event or any school , group or tour looking for a positive pick me up! No experience necessary – you don’t even have to be funny. Debbie will bring out the “funny” in you!

Laughter Games Workshops are customized for your group! The workshop works for a diverse group of people – funny enough for secular Israelis or religious enough for Bais Yaacov – Debbie’s Zoom workshops are popular in all types of Jewish settings.


Laughter Games Home Kit

Ask about the family fun and bonding games booklet and videos to help laugh your way through your day!

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