Kiftzuba Amusement Park

The park offers a fun experience for the whole family some of which are indoors and some in the open air.

Among the park’s facilities you can enjoy a family roller coaster, a boat in a storm ride, ninja complex, pirate carousel, tubing boat pool, cannon complex, Inflatable facilities, mini giant wheel, bumper cars, Tricycles, ball pit and a snack bar.

The park is a great place for families to go to have fun, throw parties and let out energy.

Among the park’s facilities:

  • a family roller coaster
  • a boat in a storm ride
  • ninja complex
  • pirate carousel
  • tubing boat pool
  • cannon complex
  • Inflatable facilities
  • mini giant wheel
  • bumper cars
  • Tricycles
  • ball pit
  • snack bar
  • an indoor area with great activities for little ones and more…

Kiftzuba runs a fabulous birthday party for kids, which includes:

  • Invitations
  • Access to the party room
  • Birthday ceremony
  • Kiftzuba tee shirt for the birthday boy/girl and more.

Kiftzuba is open on holidays, weekends and during all school vacations in Israel.

Reservations must be reserved on the Kiftzuba Website

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