Kiftzuba Amusement Park

The park offers a fun experience for the whole family some of which are indoors and some in the open air.

The park is a great place for families to go to have fun, throw parties and expend energy.

NEW attractions for Summer 2022 

  • HOVERS an attraction for kids that floats in the air! The perfect combination of bumper cars and the incredible feeling of hovering in mid-air.  Fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly!
  • Two new carousels – Animal & Chocolate Cup

Family Favorites

  • a family roller coaster
  • a boat in a storm ride
  • ninja complex
  • pirate carousel
  • cannon complex
  • Inflatable facilities
  • mini giant wheel
  • bumper cars
  • ball pit
  • snack bar
  • an indoor area with great activities for little ones and more…

Birthday Parties at Tzuba

If you are looking for a unique birthday party idea Kiftzuba offers you a different and special way to celebrate the most exciting day of the year for your child.

As part of Kiftzuba’s birthday package, your child and all his friends will be able to enjoy all the great activities and attractions in the amusement park and the birthday boy/girl will receive a special birthday shirt.

Kiftzuba is open on holidays, weekends and during all school vacations in Israel. During the week the park is open for private groups who reserve in advance by calling 02-534-7952.

For details about opening hours please visit the Kif Tzuba website.

Kibbutz Tzuba

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