Kakadu Summer Family Workshops

Kakadu invites you to come and enjoy a special summer event with your family at the Kakadu Art & Design Center.

“Everyone was born an artist…Everyone can create” Reut Shachar

A special summer series of workshops for families to create their own masterpieces. Decorative items include table runners, challah trays, candlesticks, bowls, trays, wooden rugs, clocks, mirrors and more!  You can always choose a larger piece of art for an additional fee.

Kakadu is located in a beautiful pastoral setting on Moshav Tzafririm located 7 minutes from Beit Shemesh.

Summer Workshops

Grandparents / Grandkids: A joint, multigenerational project that includes quality family time and the joy and creativity of creating something memorable and meaningful together. This is a really heart-warming workshop that encourages participants to create new family heirlooms.

Birthdays: Celebrate in style and tap into your inner artist.  It’s the perfect combination of a creative, artistic workshop with Kosher catering, in a wonderful pastoral setting.  Suitable for between 10-80 people.

Couples: A totally different experience, which includes a conversation about relationships and their connection to creativity. It’s an experiential, intimate and happy workshop which is great for parents & kids, grandparents & grandchildren, couples and friends alike.

Individuals: Five, individual, one-and-a-half hour sessions where you explore your creativity and experiment using different techniques and materials from all over the world. This is a wonderful series, suitable for all ages.

Families: A fun, active and creative session for the extended family. It’s a great opportunity to bond while creating diverse, artistic functional pieces that you can enjoy for years to come!

Additional Activities: the area is full of historical significance and a beautiful place to go hiking, biking and caving. Ask Kakadu for more details.

Kakadu Studio
Moshav Tzafririm

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