Yad Sarah’s World of Giving Tour

Age: Tour is recommended for ages 12+
Special arrangements can be made for younger visitors in private groups
Language: English, Hebrew
A moving and interactive tour of the Yad Sarah building for families where you will learn about the world of giving and volunteering in Israel.

Ezrat Avot Volunteering

Age: 8+ for packaging, 11+ for preparing food Language: English, Hebrew
Ezrat Avot is looking for volunteers to help with the elderly. Help pack and deliver meals

Friendship Circle

Age: For teens & young adults Language: English, Hebrew
Summer volunteering opportunities for teens & young adults with Friendship Circle families.


Language: English, Hebrew
Haverut is a non profit organization that brings a holistic approach to illness and provides services and support to patients in local Jerusalem hospitals.

Leket Volunteering

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Visitng Israel and looking for a volunteer opportunity, or want to share their Simcha with Leket Israel, tourists and locals are able to participate in different projects run by Leket Israel.

Lone Soldier Center

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
There are over 5700 lone soldiers in Israel. You can get involved to help support them by helping to arrange a BBQ, adopting a soldier, cooking some meals or helping out in the office.

Pantry Packers

Age: Whole family Language: English, Hebrew
Pantry Packers is a wonderful tourist attraction and volunteer organization that packs rice for the needy. This is a great activity for a birthday party or a Bar / Bat Mitzva activity.