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Leket Israel is Israel’s National Food Bank and leading food rescue network currently rescuing and providing food to hundreds of organizations serving people in need throughout Israel.  Through various projects and programs in Israel, including Project Leket – Gleaning the Fields, Night-Time Food Rescue, and Sandwiches for Schoolkids, Leket Israel and all of their volunteers work hard to help and feed the hungry and malnourished throughout Israel.

Those that are looking for a volunteer opportunity, or want to share their Simcha with Leket Israel, are able to participate in different projects run by Leket Israel.

Project Leket – Gleaning the Fields, volunteers will help harvest the fruits and vegetables that Israeli farmers have set aside for Leket Israel to provide to nonprofit organizations throughout Israel.

Sandwiches for Schoolkids, volunteers can also help prepare and deliver mid-morning meals to students at over 80 schools around Israel who are unable to receive a nourishing breakfast.

Night-Time Food Rescue volunteers collect food that is donated by catering halls, restaurants and hotels all over Israel, that will be given to nonprofit organizations.

These volunteer opportunities as various other projects and programs, ensure Leket Israel’s ability to continue to help the hungry throughout Israel.

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