Ohr Meir and Bracha


Ohr Meir and Bracha invites the public to come and volunteer on Thursdays starting at 9:15am. Adults and children can pack up food baskets for families affected by terror. Make sure to let the organizations office know in advance that you plan to come.

Baskets contain chicken, challot, fruit/vegetables and all that is needed to celebrate Shabbat or Chag. Thursdays, as we assemble the baskets, we are joined by a cast of volunteers stemming from Olim Chadashim, recent retirees, students from local Seminaries and Yeshivot, Chayalim and the list goes on. We welcome volunteers and groups ages 3-120!  We begin each Thursday at 9:00 a.m. at Rechov Yakim #3 in Jerusalem and keep going until we are done.  By the afternoon, the 400 families in our care arrive to pick up their baskets.  Those who are no longer mobile, have their package delivered to them.

Ohr Meir & Bracha is a non profit organization based in Jerusalem that supports victims of terror and their families. It was founded in 2002 by Liora Tedgi, a mother of 10 who was injured a number of years ago in a car bomb attack in Jerusalem. Terror attacks destroy the lives not only of those who perish but also of those who survive.

Terror attacks do more than just destroy buildings and cause physical injury; they cause individuals great psychological stress, and interfere with the long-term livelihood of families.  The Terror Victims Support Center seeks to aid these victims by offering vital services to help rebuild their lives.




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Whether you are a tourist or a local its always important to include some charity in your itinerary. When you give, you receive in return.


Thursday: 9:00am






English / Hebrew

Venue: Ohr Meir & Bracha

Address: 3 Yakim St
Jerusalem, 91410 Israel
Neighborhood: Arzei Habira
Transportation: Contact the office: 02-582-4630
Parking: Street Parking