Susan’s House Workshops

Are you looking for an interesting new place to take your family, where they can enjoy a hands on art workshop? Learn to create glass art work and jewelry and more at Susan’s House. It is also a great place to host a birthday party, family event or bat mitzva party.

So what makes Susan’s House so special?

Susan’s House is a unique non profit organization that empowers teens at risk to find their place within society through artistic expression, personal investment and creative initiatives. Teens learn to create beautiful pieces of artwork that are later sold to the public in a variety of stores. All income generated by the sale of the handcrafted items at Susan’s House is used for funding the continuation of the project and the ongoing development of the participating youths.

Art Workshops: 

  1. Paint a ceramic Hamsa – 45 NIS
  2. Decorative glazing on a ceramic pomegranate – 80 NIS
  3. Create your own jewelry – 30NIS, 50NIS, 60NIS
  4. Paint on glass – 55 NIS

Birthday Parties & Bar / Bat Mitzva Parties:

Susan’s House is a great place to host a birthday party for teenagers and for a Bat or Bar Mitzva. A custom program will be created for your guests. Contact Susan’s House for details.

Incredibly Unique Souvenirs

Visit the factory gift shop and you will find beautiful glass jewelry and giftware created by the Susan’s House youth. My favorite are the glass dishes with the names of Jerusalem designed into them. Beautiful gifts at amazing prices. The perfect souvenir.

Reservations - Susan's House

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