Yad Eliezer

The Yad Eliezer helping tradition began over thirty years ago with the goal of providing nourishment to needy families. It began with one food box for a malnourished neighbor and her family. Soon hundreds of food boxes were packed weekly in Hadassa Weisel’s home. Eventually the operation outgrew their home, and it was moved to a warehouse, but the goal and the family atmosphere have endured.

The warehouse is the place that unites everyone.  It is the location where key activities take place, and where Yad Eliezer comes alive to the thousands of volunteers, including students, tourists, soldiers and donors from all walks of life, who visit from around the world, and give of their precious time to participate in our lifesaving work.

The Yad Eliezer warehouse has become the heart of Yad Eliezer’s operations and a concrete, hands-on opportunity to learn the power of giving.


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