Visit Jerusalem Museums “Virtually”

Jerusalem tourism is still running strong – although virtually! The constant rules and guidelines are changing with “stay at home” orders differing across the world but Jerusalem’s museums have learned to adapt.

I was excited to find out that the museums have stepped up, and have taken the ‘work from home’ challenge very seriously! Many museums in Jerusalem now offer virtual activities, tours and games, and provide hours of educational fun!

Take an outing or enjoy a family experience that will whisk you away to a place – in Jerusalem.

**Please note if you are an educator looking for material and tours for your students please see our educators resources post

Tower of David

Always at the forefront of technology, the Tower of David Museum’s Innovation Lab has created virtual tours, guided tours and online information, which allow you to feel like a pilgrim yourself, and visit Jerusalem through the ages!

The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum

Take a step back into history to experience the Old City of Jerusalem many years ago. The museum has a special series of online stories for you to watch. The videos are in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles.

Western Wall Heritage Museums

Stay connected to our roots with the Western Wall Tunnels 360 LIVE! Visit the Western Wall Tunnels from your living room, enjoy a guided tour of the underground treasures, and send a prayer for the speedy passing of the virus! Pricing: 10NIS per connection (individual or family) / 180 NIS for a private group with personal guide.

On May 17th Fun In Jerusalem will be hosting a special Kotel Tunnel Tours for families in English. Reservations required.

Visit the Kotel – Western Wall with the Kotel Cam.

City of David

The City of David is always a family-friendly, fun and exciting adventure. Thankfully, they’ve curated the same energy into their online platform! Visiting the website you will find podcasts, videos, stories, coloring and activity pages for kids, promising hours of mystery and fun! The adults can enjoy the TOGO history tidbits, and the virtual 360-Degree tour is a family must! More Info

Online Tours of the City of David

King Herod was one the great builders of the ancient world, his crowning glory being the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem whose magnificence out shown anything built in the Roman empire. But Herod was also a cruel tyrant whose frenzied purges of his enemies, both real and imagined brought many to believe that he was clinically insane. This short lecture will delve into the workings of the diabolical mind of Herod and seek the logic behind his actions.

In the year 586 BCE, Jerusalem was destroyed and the treasures of the Jewish Temple looted by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. Surprisingly, the Ark of the Covenant was not mentioned in the list of the sacred vessels taken from the Temple. Over 2,500 years later, a British expedition led by Captain Montague Parker arrived in Jerusalem, then under Turkish rule, on a quest to uncover the Holy Ark and the hidden treasures of the Temple. This fascinating webinar will relate the incredible events of this expedition and the mysterious secrets it uncovered.


Join us for an experience in the heart of Ancient Jerusalem
The Pilgrimage Road in the City of David is the very thoroughfare used by the ancient Jews to ascend to the Temple thousands of years ago during the Passover festival. Archaeologically documented and with inscriptions that match names found in the Bible, the Pilgrimage Road is likely the most important archaeological discovery made in decades in Jerusalem. City of David Vice Presidents Doron Spielman and Oriya Dasberg open the doors to this closed excavation for a rare peak at one of the world’s most precious places, a place where billions of people around the world can trace their roots.

The LIVE tour will take place on Thursday April 23rd and then will be available after as a video.

The National Library of Israel

With schools closed, and virtual learning only partially available, The National Library has decided to offer free audio books and educational activities for children and youth. Titles include several bestsellers by award-winning authors, and are available through the ICast app on smartphones and tablets. Additional activities and materials are available on the NLI in EnglishHebrewArabic and French.

Israel Museum

Maintain a touch of class, culture and education, and invite your family to the virtual space of the Israel Museum. In this unique space, your children, teens and adult family members can enjoy virtual exhibitions, collections and family activities, along with self-guided or curator-led tours of various arts and cultures. More Info


The Museum for Islamic Art

Looking for a connection of art and history? This extraordinary museum is offering guided virtual tours of the ‘Masigot Gvul’; Exhibits in 3D; Jewelry Making: Past & Present and Legitimacy of Landscape showcases. Additionally, there are oriental stories in Hebrew on their website, including Alibaba and Aladdin, and several Islamic-inspired art courses, including Hamsa creations, miniatures, Arabesques, door signs and religious building instructions. More Info

Looking for art workshops or activities you can do from home? Find great family ideas in our “Bidud Activities” post. 

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