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The Museum for Islamic Art is located in the heart of Katamon right near the President’s House. The museum houses artwork collections of Islamic art and an antique watches & clocks collections.

The Museum’s exhibition halls are arranged in chronological and geographical order, in accordance with the various dynasties. This is not a museum of Islam but rather a museum of how Islam influenced art though the ages.

Kids will enjoy the armor exhibit as well as some of the intricate mosaics. During school vacations the museum usually has children’s shows and special art workshops.


  • Calligraphy: Try your hand with decorations and forms that are typical of Arabic script.
  • Architecture: Build 3-dimensional models of different styles of mosques, helped by pictures in the museum exhibition.
  • Paper-folding: Be inspired by examples of paper-folding in Islamic art.
  • Art: Paint on pottery, just like the real exhibits in the museum; or paint “hamsas” (hand-shaped amulets).
  • The garden in Islam: Create a traditional Islamic garden.
  • Tiles: Decorate and paint tiles with Ottoman Turkish designs, arabesques and flowers.
  • Mats: Stencil and paint flowers and pomegranates on cloth.
  • Clocks: Make personal clocks with arabesque and floral designs.
  • Musical instruments: Decorate a hand drum (“darbuka”), a bamboo flute, a small drum, or a tambourine.
Museum For Islamic Art
HaPalmach St 2, Jerusalem

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