Biblical Museum of Natural History

    Age: Ages 3+
    Ideal for ages 8+
    Language: English, Hebrew
    Biblical Museum of Natural History brings the animals of the Bible and of the Land of Israel alive with stories and demonstrations.

    Ein Yael Living Museum

    Age: Babies, Toddlers, School Age Language: Hebrew
    Ein Yael Living Museum is a great place for a family outing during school vacation. Walk the ancient Roman Street and learn ancient crafts. Open year round by reservation.

    Herzl Museum

    Age: 8+ Language: English, Hebrew
    Learn the story of Theodore Herzl and how critical he was to Israel's history at the Herzl Museum

    Museum of Hebrew Music

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    The Museum of Jewish Music located on Yoel Solomon in Kikar Hamusica is a great museum where you can learn about instruments from across the world. Don't miss the VR of music from the time of the Temple.

    Tower of David Museum

    Age: 4+ Language: English, Hebrew
    The Tower of David is a landmark in Jerusalem's Old City. Climb the citadel, see incredible views, explore Jerusalem's history or enjoy the sound and light Night Experiences.

    Agnon House

    Age: Museum 10+
    Storytime 4+
    Language: English, Hebrew
    Visit Shai Agnon's House and learn about his writing and his Nobel Prize.

    Bank of Israel

    Age: 10+ Language: English, Hebrew
    The Bank of Israel Visitors Center is a free museum and a great place to take older kids. See a movie about the history of the currency, play video games and see exhibits.

    Begin Museum

    Age: 8+ Language: English, Hebrew
    Learn about the life of Menachem Begin and about his leadership at the Begin Museum.

    Beit Yellin

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Beit Yellin is a newly restored house first built in the 1890is in Motsa. The museum tells the story of agriculture and development in the area around Motsa. It was the home of the Yellin family.