Thanksgiving Vacation Activities in Jerusalem

Are you coming to Jerusalem for Thanksgiving vacation with your kids? It is a great time of year to be here and there are lot of fun activities to do. It may be a little hard to find an authentic turkey dinner, but there are plenty of fun family activities to choose from.

The following activities require advanced reservations and we recommend you book your space once you confirm your plane tickets.

Let’s start with some activities that represent the message of the day – “THANKS”.

Food Packing for the Needy: You can pack up boxes with Ohr Meir and Bracha before shabbat with much needed food, vegetables, challahs and more for families that are victims of terror. Take part in a great mitzva that kids of all ages can be involved in. Let the Ohr Meir & Bracha office know you will be coming and how many “helpers” you will be bringing.

Pantry Packers: Pantry Packers is a wonderful tourist attraction and volunteer organization that packs rice for the needy. Your family will be set up in an assembly line to label, package and pack rice for the needy. This is located in Talpiot which is a quick drive form the Jerusalem hotels.

Dig 4 A Day: Take your kids back in time to search for artifacts from the time of the Hanukka story. This is a great activity for the whole family and can include caving in unexcavated caves in Beit Guvrin with trained professionals.

Biblical Museum of Natural History: This *NEW* museum  is a great place to learn about the animals mentioned in the Bible from the world renowned “Zoo Rabbi” Rabbi Natan Slifkin. On this interactive tour you will see live and non- live taxidermy exhibits. The museum is located indoors in Beit Shemesh with accessible parking. Tours must be arranged in advance. Reserve your tour.

Eretz Breishit: Can you imagine what it was like in the time of the Bible, when Abraham and Sarah lived in a tent overlooking the desert? Now you can when you visit Eretz Breishit (Genesis Land) and are greeted by Eliezer, have tea in Abraham’s tent, ride a camel in the desert and bake fresh pitot on an authentic taboon.

Desert Family Adventure: Are you kids looking for a real adventure in the desert? Take them jeeping or ATVing through the sand dunes, meet local Bedouins and here about the story of the area from your personal guide.

Kakadu Art Workshop: Ready for a real Israeli art experience? Meet Reut the artists behind the Kakadu sensation. She will greet you and tell you her story. Then you can enjoy a hands on workshop and create a masterpiece of your own out of painted wood. The gallery and factory store are located on a small moshav outside Jerusalem and a great place to spend the afternoon bike riding.

Scavenger Hunt: The most interactive and fun way to learn about the history of the Old City, Nachlaot or the Gush. Using missions, maps and puzzles you will search the area with your teamates to find the clues and learn about the neighborhoods. Also ask about the Shuk Dash which takes tourists through the Mahane Yehuda market using a fun and competitive game.

Ammunition Hill Ropes Course: If you want to combine modern day bravery with historic bravery then this is the unique activity for you. A ropes course has been set up in Ammunition Hill with an Omega zipline, rope ladder, sky swing and acrobatic rope walking.

Kad Vechomer: Just in case it’s raining or you are looking for a little down time that your whole family will enjoy, head over to Kad Vechomer where you can paint your own pottery.

Traditional Thanksgiving Meal: Enjoy a yummy meal at the Inbal Hotel which includes a rich and elegant Thanksgiving meal and live Jazz band. Contact 02-675-6666. to book your dinner.

Make sure to check out our post about rainy day activities in Jerusalem just in case the weather makes it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.

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