Jerusalem Activities in the Snow

A snow storm in Jeruslem is always an option. Don’t worry it usually lasts for a day or two but the whole city gets so excited. When the snow begins to fall the city will slowly shut down and the residents and tourists will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh white powder.

For locals the schools will most likely shut down as the snow begins to fall. For tourists most of the attractions and museums will also close their doors. Our advice to you is to call ahead before venturing out. Keep in mind that the roads are very slippery and falling trees is a real hazard.

If you are traveling outside the city make sure to check that Route 1 and the 443 will be open.

What can you do with your kids in the snow?

Museums & Attractions: Most attractions will be closed if the roads are closed and school has been cancelled. Museums and attractions have requested that visitors check their facebook page for updates.

Cinema City will remain open if public transportation continues to run.  Call ahead to be sure.

Enjoy The Views
If it feels safe to walk outside then the following places are great places to get a good shot of this majestic city in the snow

  • Yemin Moshe – The Windmill
  • Gan Sacher – largest park in Jerusalem with great hills and large open spaces
  • Park Hamesilla – the bike path leading from the First Station to Malcha
  • Tayelet – the promenade overlooks the Old City which will be an amazing sight

Enjoy Games in the Snow

  • Go sledding at Gan Sacher. If you don’t have a real sled then take along a garbage bag or a plastic tray.
  • Build an igloo by making snow bricks using an English loaf pan (courtesy of the Eisenberg/Wiener Family)

Enjoy Cozy Time at Home

  • Make your kids a hot cocoa the Israeli way – take a bar of mekupelet and pour hot milk over it until it is fully melted. Add a marshmallow and you are all set.
  • If you are stuck indoors then make the most of it and sort through old clothes and set them aside for HABOYDEM. This is an incredible second hand store in Talpiot. It’s a dynamic place, set up to help people with disabilities gain work skills and get back into life.

    They accept all types of clothing for adults and kids in good condition.

    Watch the video to see what it’s all about…

Helpful Resources

If you require HELP then please call your local community center.
If you would like traffic and route closure information call *2120
For local Jerusalem information about school closures and road closures call 106
If you are a tourist and you get sick from the cold weather while you are visiting, you can use the TEREM Medical Service to see a doctor, get a prescription or take any tests you might need.

We will add more events as we become aware of them!

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