From the New City of Jerusalem to the Old City in Comfort

Jerusalem’s Old City remains a major tourist attraction and an important location for celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvas. Recently it has become quite complicated to get into the Old City. Jaffa gate is closed to private cars, large buses can not fit through the small streets etc so the city has come up with a great new solution.

Park and Ride – For FREE

You can park your car in the large paid parking lot outside First Station (HaTachana) and take a free van shuttle service into the Old City. The shuttles leave every 20 minutes and there is a covered bus stop with shade and a digital sign letting you know when the next van leaves.

So if you are a family visiting Jerusalem and you want to get into the Old City without walking or you are planning a large Bar/Bat Mitzva and are trying to figure out how to get your busload of guests to the kotel, this is the answer.

The Route: The van leaves the First Station parking lot and heads to Caspi to make a U-turn and then goes down Derech Hebron past the Har Zion Hotel & Cinemateque. The mini van makes a right at the Old City Walls and heads into Silwan and Ir David coming up to the old City by Dung Gate just passed the City of David Visitors Center. The minivan has protected windows and has had rocks thrown at it in the past.

There are delays due to unexpected traffic but the bus stop screens contiue to update the display with the expected departure times for the minivans.

The vans are run by the Gush Etzion Development Company in conjunction with the City of Jerusalem and the Old City Development Fund.

Van Operating Hours:

Monday and Thursday: 7:00am-8:00pm
Sunday, Wednesday, Tuesday: 8:00am-8:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm (until clock changes)
Saturday: 9:00pm-midnight

Contact Phone for the Bus Company: 02-993-7128 (Ask for Talya or Neta)

Our Favorite Picks for Old City Activities:

  • Visit the most precious religious location in Jerusalem, The Kotel
  • Take a walk on the walls seeing the different areas of the Old City from above or go underground on the Tunnel Tours
  • Challenge your family to a fun and competitive Old City Scavenger Hunt

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