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Hear RD Rubin talk about the story behind her amazing product “The Shabbat Collection”, in our interview on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the Interview – 

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Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • The Shabbat Collection™ is a set that includes all the ritual objects one would need when someone is away for Shabbat.
  • It’s a great gift for traveling business men/woman, off-to-college students including those students traveling abroad, Bar/Bat Mitzva gifts, wedding gifts and more.


  • After RD graduated from College – she spent many years traveling all over the world, keeping all her ritual objects in a plastic bag – always thinking it would be nice to have all the objects in one convenient more respectable case.


  • In 2005, RD met a graphic designer, Cristiana Camisotti (London) who was interested in working with her on this project. The designer sketched more than 12 different designs for the collection. RD was not ready at that time to move forward with her idea, but in 2012 once she was living in Jerusalem, they launched the product together.
  • Luckily, during the time RD lived in Hong Kong, she had a friend Anjali Mahtani (Hong Kong), who worked in manufacturing. So when RD and Cristiana finalized the design for The Shabbat Collection, they contactedAnjali to be in charge of the manufacturing in China. 
  • In retrospect, having someone she could trust with the manufacturing in Hong Kong, was key to her actualizing her dream of creating The Shabbat Collection™.
  • Although parts of the collection are manufactured in China – there are also parts that are produced here in Israel. For example the candles come from Tzfat and the Birkon was designed by
  • The Birkon was especially designed with Hebrew, English and a transliteration – so that it is accessible to all types of Jews.


  • Before RD started manufacturing the product, she traveled to 2 established Judaica stores to speak to the owners to find out if this product is something that people need. She traveled to Levine Judaica in New York and spoke to Danny Levine and she traveled to London to the store Jerusalem the Golden and spoke to Mr. Gorman. Both store owners were very enthusiastic that this was a great product that was needed in the market. This enthusiasm, gave the final push to go ahead and manufacture The Shabbat Collection™.
  • RD worked closely with MATI and business consultant Zvi Wolicki who she still works with till today.  She also worked with Nathalie Garson who was her launch marketing consultant in 2013.


  • The Shabbat Collection™ company works closely with the Shekel Organization ( – an organization that offers community services for people with disabilities. Every week, the people at Shekel are in charge of shrink wrapping the newly assembled Shabbat sets. This process is the highlight of RD’s week!
  • A new pilot program underway, financed by a donor – is the distribution of the NEW multi-use disposable Shabbat Away Travel Essential sets at Hadassah Hospital. Rabbi Klein, Rabbi of Hadassah, has been giving out the set to people in the emergency room department or around the hospital who need it.
  • Another project they have is with the Emek Lone Soldiers. People can donate money online to provide a mini-set for a lone soldier and additionally, a 10-piece Shabbat set to Emunah B’Simcha who include it in their Home Starter Kits for struggling newlyweds in Israel.
  • Every year, The Shabbat Collection™ offers a special promotion encouraging families to buy a Shabbat set as a gift to their child starting university. It’s a wonderful gift that reminds a student of their home.


  • The Shabbat Collection™ is being used all over the world!! From South Africa, to the Grand Canyon, even at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • The Shabbat sets appeal to Jews across the spectrum, from a mashgiach in Ramat Beit Shemesh to the entire clergy of the largest reform shul in San Francisco. The Shabbat sets work for everyone.


  • The first set in the range is the 10-piece Shabbat Away Travel Set™ that includes: wine flask, kiddush cup, salt, matches, kippah, birkon, challah cover, b’samim, havdalah candle and Shabbat candles.
  • The 5-piece Mini Shabbat  Away Travel Set™ includes: Kiddush cup, birkon, b’samim, Havdalah candle and Shabbat candles.
  • The NEW multi-use disposable Shabbat Away Travel Essentials™ set includes: Kiddush cup, Shabbat candles, b’samim, Havdalah candle, matches and a Prayer card.
  • All Shabbat sets can be customized (including personalized card) – perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvah or special event give-aways or donor gifts.


  • In New York at Levine Judaica, Eichlers, The Jewish Community Center (Upper West Side), Yachad Gifts, Judaica Plus in Cedarhurst.
  • In London at Jerusalem the Golden & Judaica with Style
  • The Shabbat Collection products are also available at stores in Miami, San Francisco, Monsey as well as in Paris, Lausanne, Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne and in stores across Israel.
  • ON PESACH IN JERUSALEM – there will be a booth at the First Station on Thursday April 5 from 10:00am-3:00pm.
  • Contact RD on Facebook or at her website:



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