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Have you been to First Station? Hear Tova Hametz, the Creative Arts, Design and Retail Director at the First Station, talk about the all the exciting activities happening there over Pesach 2018, in our interview on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the Interview – 

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • The First Station is an outdoor mall located on the site of the Old Train Station in Jerusalem on David Remez St. (across from the new Isrotel Orient)
  • Over the last few years the First Station has become the hub for children’s activities, artists, culture, and restaurants in Jerusalem.
  • The best part about the area is that there is something to do for everyone. For example, children can enjoy a mosaic workshop while parents walk around and see the artist booths. Or the family can go to a concert and then do a glass painting workshop together afterwards.
  • Plenty of shady and covered areas to enjoy in all weather.
  • Before or after any of these activities you can enjoy all the yummy food at the Kosher for Pesach restaurants. Fresh (Dairy Kosher), Hamiznon (Dairy Kosher), Cafe Landver, Adom, Lechem Baasar (Meat Kosher), Station 9 (Meat Kosher), Fiori (Dairy Kosher).


  • Indoor Gymboree
  • Carousel
  • NEW!! Bumper Cars
  • Anat’s Toy World – wonderful fantasy play area for ages 1-12yrs.
  • Petting Zoo – special for Pesach!
  • Nature Activities
  • Kiddie Train – people of all ages enjoy!!


  • Over Chol Hamoed open daily from 9am-9pm
  • Designers, Artists and Creators come from all over Israel and showcase their creations and products.



  • The Gula – will be hosting children’s shows during the days.
  • Concerts at the Main Stage – daily.
  • Fitness Classes – daily, each morning. Including Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, AcroYoga.
  • Dance Parties – nightly including Israeli Dance, Salsa, West Coast Swing.
  • Scaventure Experiential Guide Book Launch PartyThursday April 5. Play the train game – Your family will love competing against other families in the First Station themed scavenger game. Buy the book – The book will be sold at an exclusive price! This, interactive, one of a kind book, gives you self guided scavenger hunts around Israel.


  • Rebar
  • Lechem Basar
  • Hamiznon
  • Fiore will serve Fish and Chips (opened up special for Pesach)

Find out about all the activities happening at the First Station

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