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You’ve seen their shirts “I Dig Israel” but do you know the people behind the most popular archeological excavation activity in Israel?

Hear Dr. Ian Stern talk about Archeological Seminars also known as “Dig for a Day”, in our interview on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

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Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • Dig for a Day has had over a million people participate over the last 32 years.
  • Many say its one of the most exciting activities they have experienced in Israel.
  • It was created to give people a fun, educational archeological experience as well as an opportunity to connect to the land and its history.
  • Its an equally GREAT activity for both adults and kids!
  • The dig is an amazing combination of a tourist attraction, hands-on activity, and experience in one of Israel’s National Parks Beit Guvrin.
  • The excavation site is licensed by the Israel Antiquities Authority. All “finds” have to be submitted to the Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • Over the years, participants have found many ancient pieces. Some of the most exciting finds has been: a pottery piece that dates back to Judea HaMacabbi (2200-2300 yrs. ago), The Heliodorus Inscription – now on exhibit at the Israel Museum, a marriage contract dating back to 176 B.C.E. written on pottery. It’s so exciting for participants to be the first to touch these pieces in over 2000 years!!
  • The excavation site is not the typical “floor level” site where professional archeologists are needed to brush away debris slowly and carefully – rather this is an ancient dumping ground which allows for anyone to participant in this sort of “instant gratification” digging.
  • Dig for a Day is a great activity in the summer and the winter!! Because this site is in and around caves – its cool in the summer and keeps people dry in the winter.
  • Kids under 5 are FREE.
  • The dig is located at the Beit Guvrin National Park, about 45 minutes-1 hour from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  • This is a great activity for Chol Hamoed!!
  • Reservations are required.



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