KING DAVID Returns to the Tower of David through Technology & Art – BITE SIZE

There is a new show in town and it’s incredible! When an ancient Citadel in Jerusalem that houses one of Jerusalem’s most prestigious museums decides to incorporate technology – the outcome is a feast for the ears and the eyes.

The new Night Experience – “KING DAVID” will wow the crowds – both adults and kids. The show uses laser light technology to project scenes from King David’s life on to the walls of the ancient Citadel.

David has been the inspiration for artists for centuries and is one of the most well-known Biblical figures in the history of art.  The audience will experience a virtual tour of the incredible art throughout the ages depicting King David including Chagall, Matisse, Michelangelo and others in an artistic tribute to the artists, painters and sculptors who immortalized the image of the celebrated King David.

Under the artistic guidance of Jean-Michel Quesne and Hélène Richard, the show’s curator Renee Sivan has created a masterpiece. There are so many parts of David’s life that we think about when we mention King David – David & Goliath, David & Jonathan’s brotherly love, the Psalm Mizmor L’David. These are all part of the show and presented to the audience through light, color and sound in motion.


The Tower of David is blazing a path with their new mission to be leaders in museum technology. Their new TOD Innovation Lab is currently creating ways to use augmented reality and virtual reality to bring scenes of the past back into the ancient structure. To enhance the incredible modern views with visions of what it might have looked like in the past.

The new “KING DAVID” show and all of the new technology used at the museum, use sources in Biblical and historical literature to tell the story.

Booking a show – Choose between the two Night Experiences

Night Spectacular: Tells the story of Jerusalem through the ages as it has been conquered and built by many different civilizations.

KING DAVID is the new Tower of David Museum nighttime experience in which the majestic story of David, from shepherd-to-king, comes to life in a completely new cinematic production projected onto the walls and archaeological excavations of the ancient citadel.

Hear my BITE SIZE interview with Caroline Shapiro Weiss the International PR Director of the Tower of David and hear first hand about this incredible new show.

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