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Jerusalem’s Yearly Festivals & Holidays

August 30, 2016

When planning your trip to Jerusalem it is important to know when the local holidays and festivals will occur. Jewish holidays are based on the lunar calendar so although they are always in the same season, they are not always in the same month. Jerusalem also has an extensive festival schedule throughout the year with...

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10 Apps For Families Traveling in Israel

August 16, 2016

These days it’s hard to remember how we once managed without our smartphones. Israel, aka “The Start-Up Nation”, loves its apps. In fact many of the apps you love and use, were developed in Israel. Enjoy them when you are here in 4G. So as you make your Jerusalem travel plans, be sure to load your...

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The Virtual Tourist – The Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure

August 11, 2016

Watch the live coverage of the Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure here once it begins on August 11, 2016 at 3:30pm. This summer three ladies got together to brainstorm about a way to bring families to Jerusalem for some meaningful fun. What came out of the meeting was the Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure. An incredible family scavenger hunt...

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Reveal Israel Card Games – Bring Israel Home With You

August 9, 2016

Looking for a great game to prepare for your family trip to Israel or to remember the amazing attractions you saw? Buy the Reveal Israel Card Game and bring the fun home with you! Reveal Israel is the world’s first 3 games in 1 deck, Israel focused card game. Great for the whole family, each deck is...

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7 Activities That Instill Confidence in Kids

August 2, 2016

Every parent tries to find ways to instill confidence in their kids. The most effective ways are usually subtle, where the child doesn’t realize that is the goal of the activity. This summer is the perfect time to focus on your child’s personal growth and to do it in a FUN way. Here are 7...

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The King David Adds More Family Appeal

July 27, 2016

Finding the right hotel to stay in with your kids is a critical component to a successful trip. In Jerusalem that means giving kids a place to play outside and a great pool. The King David, the flagship hotel of the Dan Hotel chain, has always had the best outside space in Jerusalem, with large...

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Making the Botanical Gardens Interactive: The Discovery Trail

July 17, 2016

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens recently opened a new interactive section for kids known as the Discovery Trail. For information about the special Summer Evening of Fairytales on the Discovery Trail – click here. One of the most beautiful gardens in Jerusalem and the home of the Flower Train, the Botanical Gardens continues to improve its...

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Behind the scenes of the Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure

July 13, 2016

So how does the idea for a major citywide scavenger hunt get started? It starts with a few people putting their minds together to create an event that will attract families to Jerusalem for some fun. The Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure is the brainchild of Tali Tarlow from Israel Scaventures. Building on her success running scavenger...

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